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Dough Bowls
Dough Bowls
Dough Bowls
Dough Bowls

Dough Bowls

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Dough Bowl 

100% pure natural soy candles poured in hand made vintage inspired wooden dough bowls

  • These beautiful bowls are individually handcrafted in the USA from either Spanish Oak or Mango wood. 
  • Please understand these wooden bowls are made to look rustic. Some may have knots, scratches, markings, or minor cracks and blemishes. These are not defects. These are all a natural part of the bowl that has been made from raw wood. 
  • Size, color and shape will vary since these bowls are all hand made. 
  • All wicks should be lit at the same time and burn no longer than 3-4 hours at a time. Burn for at least 2 hours each time or long enough to ensure the entire top has melted. 
  • When your candle is finished, wash bowl out with hot water and use as a decor piece or contact us about a REFILL! 
  • Our candles NEVER contain added chemicals or coloring. They are clean burning and long lasting and have no phthalates or parabens.
  • Variations in the look and texture of the wax may vary from one candle to the next.  These differences are no considered a defect nor will they affect how your candle burns. 

Dough bowls are available in three sizes and two finishes:

  • Heart Shape -  Double wick in Whitewash - approx 6" x 6" x 2."
  • Heart Shape - Double wick in Natural - approx 6" x 6" x 2."
  • Round Bowl - Double wick in Natural - approx 6" diameter x 2" high
  • Oval Bowl - Triple with in Natural - approx 9" x 6" x 2"

We test each bowl and try our best to make sure there are no leaks. However, if one does occur, please use a quality adhesive tape to plug hole. We also recommend placing the candle on a piece of cardboard or newspaper as it burns.